Bacon & Eggs Breakfast Infant Costumes

The Most Important Meal of the Day Sometimes our little ones are all stomach: They eat and eat and eat and never seem full! Then all of a sudden (usually the next day), they act like they’re never going to eat again. The one thing that’s bound to tempt them into trying “just one bite” is a really flavorful breakfast favorite. If you know a dynamic duo who loves their breakfast treats and go together perfectly, we’ve got just the costume for them! Best of all, it’s ready immediately – no cooking time required. 

Product Details
Your little ones will look better than an extra-big breakfast combo when they wear this Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Babies Costume! The pair includes a one-piece bacon jumpsuit that’s printed with wavy lines just like the real breakfast meat. It’s easy to wear and the bacon graphic reaches to about knee-length. The second costume consists of a white bodysuit made of super-soft material. Its hem is high on the sides and low in the front to mimic the appearance of an egg white sizzling in a pan. The center of the tunic has an appliqued sunny-side-up yolk graphic that looks good enough to eat. The rattle is shaped like a spatula for extra cuteness. Want to Hear about the Specials? Although a restaurant’s special doesn’t stick around very long, these little friends are special year in and year out! It would be hard to find a costume that’s better paired than this one. 

Brand: Amscan

Gender: Unisex

Size: 0/6MO

Color: Orange & Yellow & White

Material: Polyester


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Bacon & Eggs Breakfast Infant Costumes

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