Baby Tootsie Roll Costume

The Perfect TreatThere’s just something so perfect about the Tootsie Roll. The delicious candy has been around since the 1920s as a snack for people who could only afford a penny, and we’re sure it’ll be around for another 100 years! After all, it has that sweet, chocolatey flavor that tastes like a little piece of heaven. It has that taffy-like texture that will remind you of your childhood. Whenever there’s a parade, kids race into the streets to snatch up as many of them as they can. There are just so many reasons to love the chocolate candy! And, of course, they’re just the right size, like a miniature version of a candy bar. It’s sort of like the baby of the candy world. Hey… your little one is a baby of the human world! With this Baby Tootsie Roll Costume, your child can become the most adorable baby in both the human and candy worlds! Just outfit them with this and it’ll the greatest “treat” for the whole family!

Product Details
This adorable costume is a bunting style outfit that’s made out of ultra-soft fleece material. The exterior is brown, with white ends and “Tootsie Roll” printed on the front. The attached hood fits over your child’s head to help them feel snug and warm. The bottom edge has a hook and loop fastener for quick and easy diaper changes (or at least “easier” diaper changes). When you snuggle your little one into this outfit, they’ll become the coziest little candy in the neighborhood! A Candy PartyEveryone loves Tootsie Rolls and everyone loves your little one, so this seems like it’s a match made in heaven! Just be sure to check out all of our candy costumes, since you’ll want to bring a whole group of sweet treats to your next costume party!

Brand: Rasta Imposta

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Brown & Red & White

Material: Polyester


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Baby Tootsie Roll Costume

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