Astronaut Child White Gloves

REACH FOR THE MOONKids tend to have pretty lofty imaginations about the things they’ll do and the places they might go.  And, as parents, we often look upon them with goofy grins as we go along with their pretending for a while but generally acknowledge that some of their aspirations might be a tad crazed.Then again, with the advancements we’re making with technology every day, many of those dreams might come a reality before we think!   Sometimes reaching for the moon just ensures that you’ll land there.  So, we aim to help!

Design & Details
Our own imaginative squad of designers work into the moonlight hours to create the best of the best and, sometimes, that means getting the stuff of stars, too!   We’ve put them all together to craft the most realistic and durable Astronaut Gloves out there.  These will be the perfect addition for your little space explorer thanks to the authentic look, heavy-duty palm and fingertips, and elastic cuffs.  Time to take to the stars! BE AMONG THE STARSThey say that when we shoot for the moon, we might end up among the stars.  Well, no matter where your kiddo is going to end up, they should dress for the part!   What better way to ensure they are prepared and looking stylish than with an authentic and ruggedly constructed pair of child-sized Astronaut Gloves?  You’re going to be so jealous, you’ll want a pair for yourself.  (Well, we’ve got good news on that front! ) 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Black & White

Material: Polyester


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Astronaut Child White Gloves

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