Army Tank Wagon Costume Cover Accessory

Bring out the Big Guns Sergeant? There’s been an insurrection in the neighborhood! Someone is refusing to distribute trick-or-treat candy! This calls for a quick and decisive show of force. Roll out the tank and stand ready to fire! Just kidding. There’s no way anyone would fire a tank in this situation, and the individual is happy to give out chocolate bars. They just want to see a tank in person first. 

Product Details
Outfit your soldier costume with an Army Tank Wagon Cover Accessory! The wagon wrap is shaped and printed to look like a tank with turrets, armor plating, and a caterpillar tread. It secures firmly in place, has stiffened sides, and fits most standard-size wagons. Military GradeYou’ll be an unstoppable trick-or-treat force thanks to your fun accessory! You and your squadron of friends will have a great time riding in or pulling your wagon this Halloween.  

Brand: Seeing Red

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: As Shown

Material: Felt


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Army Tank Wagon Costume Cover Accessory

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