Army Soldier Costume for Kids

The Mission Is Everything Ok, troops, listen up. We’ve just received word that a base full of hostage candy has been confirmed at the end of the block. The zone is dangerous – the target lies beyond a territory full of yards decorated with Grim Reaper inflatables, gauzy ghosts hanging from trees, and those darned motion-sensor skeletons that cackle and dance when you’re least expecting it. It’s not a job for the faint of heart, but we know you’re the bravest of the brave and you’re up for the challenge. The good news is that once the candy is liberated, you get to keep all of it. Move out!  

Product Details
 Pay tribute to our military and enjoy some awesome adventures in an Army Soldier Kids Costume! The one-piece jumpsuit is printed with green, brown and tan digital camo just like real army fatigues. The sturdy fabric protects you as you army crawl toward your target. An attached black vest panel with three buckles and plenty of pouches is perfect for holding a grenade or two, and possibly some field binoculars or other equipment (Warning: we haven’t tested it, but we’re 100 percent this vest isn’t bulletproof, so use with caution). The black helmet will protect your head from enemy fire. Special Ops The maneuver is almost complete. You’ve sneaked past the faux gravestones, covered your men as you skirted the side of your neighbor’s house…err, the enemy bunker…and now you’re at the target. Don’t forget to use the password “Trick or Treat! ” It’ll be complete mission success!  

Brand: The Wholesale Group

Gender: Male

Size: S

Color: Black & Green & Brown

Material: Polyester


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Army Soldier Costume for Kids

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