Apex Legends – Bloodhound Costume

On the HuntSome Legends hope to remind the world of where it started. Sure, high-tech video games are fun, but without the lessons from nature, we’re bound to miss out on something critical. Fortunately, we have folks like Bloodhound to help keep us on track. Of course, that’s partly because they are rife with abilities to spot anything hidden in the wilderness. And when it comes time for Halloween hunting, that’s a skill that nobody should be without. Your kiddo might have the upper hand when it comes to the Trick or Treating game when they use their Eyes of the Allfather to dodge all the tricks and call on the Beast of the Hunt to rush to the choice full-sized candy bars before the rest of the Legends know what they’ve missed!  

Product Details
 Help your kiddo bring the fun of Apex Legends into the real world when you gear them up with this officially licensed Bloodhound costume. This jumpsuit is decorated to look like the nature-loving hunter from the hit Apex game. It fits with hook and loops and includes a molded mask with large eye holes. (We can’t have our signature hunter lacking visibility, after all! ) All they’ll need next is a raven prop to bring Artur along on the hunt and they’ll soon be claiming any costume prize. 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Male

Size: 12-Oct

Color: Black & Green & Beige

Material: Polyester


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Apex Legends – Bloodhound Costume

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