Anime Cat Fingerless Magenta Paws

Pretty Pink PawsThere are lots of beautiful kinds of cats out there. Orange and white splotchy ones, deep and velvety black ones, tortoiseshell ones, even blue gray ones. We love them all! Every kitty is special. But there’s also a whole other world of cats in pop culture. Cats in movies and on TV shows, cats that accompany characters in books, and the cute, stylized cats of the anime world. In anime, any color or size of cat can exist. There’s no need to limit yourself to just natural cat colorings! Go wild with these bright Magenta Anime Cat Fingerless Paws!

Product Details
These hot pink paws are bright, fuzzy, and sparkly”what more could anyone want? The tops of the gloves are a luxurious faux fur, while the insides feature a pink, metallic, and sparkly material that really catches the eye. The inside of each glove also features the classic paw print. Some elastic at the wrists keeps them from slipping off, while the fingerless design makes wearing these paws a breeze. You can easily hold snacks and open doors with these mitts! Accessorize your gloves with some fuzzy ears and a pink tail, and you’re ready to go!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: One-Size

Color: Black & Pink

Material: Polyester


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Anime Cat Fingerless Magenta Paws

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