Angel of Death Tween Girl’s Costume

Free to ChooseCostumes are great. Ok, we might be a little biased, but we’re serious! There is so much freedom in costumes, far more than in what we wear every day. You have the choice of being as understated or over the top as you like. There may be days when you just want to put on a cat ear headband and draw whiskers on your face. On other days, you might work for hours to create your own Transformers costume out of cardboard. If your child is wanting to go 100% spooky for their next costume, then check out this creepy but stunning Tween Angel of Death Costume!

Product Details
This costume has all the deathly details a little goth heart could ever want! The shirt and pants feature realistically shaped bones, while the waist cincher adds a touch of elegance. We especially love the little skulls detailing the front! The robe is a black mesh, while the hood is separate and made of a more leathery material. The wings are made of layers of mesh, fabric, and wire, giving them a ragged and ominous appearance. Want a scythe or sickle of your own? Check out our website for some perfectly grim options!  Peaceful or Violent?The Grim Reaper, or Angel of Death, is often depicted two ways”as a wrathful spirit, or as a gentle friend. Which will your child be? Perhaps it depends on who helps them and who crosses them. We’d like to be on the “helper” list, please!

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Black & Brown

Material: Polyester


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Angel of Death Tween Girl’s Costume

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