Adorable Dalmatian Toddler Costume

A Darling DalmatianIf you ask certain fashionistas, there is nothing quite as adorable as the white and black look created by the Dalmatian spots. In fact, some have gone to truly mad lengths just to imitate the look of their coats! It turns out that there are several ways to make that happen, however, and the best route is to just ask some skillful pups to help you out. We’re not sure how they manage to weave all the fabric on their own without a pair of reliable thumbs, but watching them work is about the cutest thing on the planet. Naturally, we are here to provide so your kiddo can practice their very own doggy dance in the ultimate adorable style. All they need is the Adorable Dalmatian costume!

Design & Details
 Get your tiny tot’s doggy days started with this Adorable Dalmatian costume for toddlers. This is a Made By Us design that features a black and white dress with a stuffed tail sewn to the back. The skirt is made of layers of bright tulle that have a few Dalmatian spots of their own! The matching headband has a pair of ears and a bright satin bow that matches the one at the tip of the tail. With this kind of Dalmatian dress, your child is ready for days and days of puppy play!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Black & Red & White

Material: Polyester


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Adorable Dalmatian Toddler Costume

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