Addams Family Wednesday Costume for Girls

“Child of Woe”No one can deny that Wednesday Addams is a strange child, no matter what adaptation of the comics. Even the sweeter versions of her draw human heads on trees and play with decapitated dolls! But when it comes to her family, Wednesday fits right in. In the end, that’s part of why the Addams family is so popular in our culture; even though they are strange and morbid, they are a close, loving family. Everyone could learn a thing or two from the Addams family! Now your child can dress up as the sinister daughter in this Addams Family Wednesday Girls Costume.

Product Details
This costume is based off of one of Christina Ricci’s scenes as Wednesday. This dress is black (duh! ), but it also has a lot of little details that make it fun. The wide, white collar and sleeve cuffs are trimmed with black thread, for example, and white buttons run down the front of the dress. Tiny skulls dance among gray leaves in the fabric pattern. Pair with the black shoes of your choice, and don’t forget to paint your fingernails black, too! Braid your own hair or check out our website to peruse our selection of black wigs. Odd But BelongingShe may drink poison and electrocute her brother on occasion, but Wednesday has a charm about her! Like the rest of her family, her peculiar tendencies have endeared her to generations of fans. We hope you enjoy dark humor, because this dress will inspire you!  

Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc

Gender: Female

Size: XL

Color: Black & White

Material: Polyester


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Addams Family Wednesday Costume for Girls