80s Valley Girl | Girl’s Halloween Costume

Like, Totally Cute Costume! Have you told your child all about growing up in the 80s? Have you introduced them to your favorite films, bands, and trends from your childhood (hello, puffy paint and slap bracelets! )? Have they developed their own appreciation for off-the-shoulder attire, side ponytails, and a healthy dose of neon, thanks to your great tutelage? Who can blame you? The 80s were so much fun! The vibrant colors, crazy patterns, and wild style feel so nostalgic to relive. So just imagine how you’ll feel when you get to see your kiddo all done up in this Kid’s 80s Valley Girl Costume! She’ll look just like a mini version of you, way back when. Gear up for a classic 80s film fest in research mode, and then spend all Saturday perfecting your Valley Girl accent, because this rad little number is, like, totally going to make everyone go mental on Halloween” it’s so cute!

Design & Details
Our in-house design team took real care creating this exclusive costume, and they tapped into their favorite youthful trends to craft a high-quality look that’s worthy of your little Miss Popular. It’s a knit dress with a translucent mesh neckline, yellow bodice, and lime-green tiger-striped skirt, complete with a taffeta hem. The jacket is oh-so-80s with its oversized puffed sleeves and hot pink hue, while the hair scrunchie matches perfectly. Way cool! Future Looks BrightSo go ahead and help your child accessorize at will ” think plastic jewelry, leg warmers, or even jelly sandals! Your kiddo’s Halloween future is looking bright ” neon, in fact! At least you’ll be able to see her easily while she trick-or-treats. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Green & Black & Pink

Material: Polyester


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80s Valley Girl | Girl’s Halloween Costume

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