70s Wild Flower Girl’s Dress Costume

Hey Soul Sister!  Bring back the 1970s! It was such a magical time of platform shoes, mood rings, embroidered bell-bottom jeans, lava lamps and macrame. It was also the decade that brought us Pet Rocks. We still love Pet Rocks! Sure, they aren’t fluffy like a puppy, but they’re always there when you need them and they’re super fun to decorate. The other 1970s pheonomenon we definitely love is disco. What better way to spend an evening than shaking it with other dance lovers? Plus, in disco, anything goes. You can make up any crazy, funny dance move you like and it can’t be stranger than the Funky Chicken!  

Product Details
 You’ll love moving and shaking in our exclusive Wild Flower 70s Dress Costume for Girls! The blue-and-green flowered material is far out and funky, and the dress’s swingy skirt is perfect for twirling. The fab bell sleeves are super fun for fluttering when you’re doing the Robot or the Lawn Mower. The sweet matching headband is just the ticket for styling your long flower-child hair. Grab a great pair of go-go boots and you’ll be ready to dance the night away! Boogie FeverThe disco scene is poppin’ tonight! Guys and girls are having fun grooving to the beat and twirling around under the glittery disco ball. It’s time to make your big entrance, decked out in the cutest dress that the 70s has to offer. Bump and hustle your way out to meet your friends! You can’t help but have fun on the dance floor.  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: XL

Color: Blue & Green

Material: Polyester


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70s Wild Flower Girl’s Dress Costume

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