40 Silver Sparkle Tiara

Sporty FortyYouve never considered 40 to be scary. The age doesnt cause you distress or make you think about time passing too quickly. And you refuse to stick to the morose color scheme of a funeral or throw an over the hill gathering for your 40th birthday party. In fact, at 40, you feel like a regular old childlike birthday party is the way to go”you want glitter and bright color and a downright festive mood. And we can help make it happen!

Product Details
Present yourself as the birthday royalty you are with this Silver 40 Sparkle Tiara! The delicate metal tiara features a simple filigree design with the number 40 situated right about a little heart. Covered in glitter, this playful accessory will show your party guests just how excited you are to be turning the big 4-0! Lightweight and fitted with attached plastic combs, youll have no problem wearing the tiara for a full day of celebrations! Royal DecreeWhether youre the birthday princess or celebrating a milestone anniversary, this playful tiara is a must-have accessory! Upgrade your status and crown yourself queen for the big day. Then show the world that, by your royal decree, the years are nothing more than a number to be proud of!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: One-Size

Color: Gray

Material: Metal


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40 Silver Sparkle Tiara