20s Gangster Suit for Kids

You a Wiseguy?Your little one has put some respect on his name, because haggling for extra cookies during snack time is one of the many hallmarks of your little one’s personality. He bargains for more playtime and wants to try making deals to push his bedtime back an extra hour or so. For someone so small he makes a very compelling argument and highlights some very good points. (We wonder where he gets that from, mom.) Your little guy is more like a little gangster and you love him for it! He’s a tiny bit sneaky, slightly conniving, and he’s notorious in his kindergarten class and the local playground. Also, he has a knack for heists especially if the objective is stealing hearts. He’s definitely stolen yours!   

Product Details
This all-polyester heather grey Kids 20s Gangster Suit consists of a jacket that has one button closure and faux pocket flaps. The matching grey pants have a zipper and button closure on the fly and the vest has a snazzy three-button closure. A (you guessed it) matching hat has a flat bill and will truly sell this as an old fashioned get-up alongside the skinny black tie.Welcome to the FamilyYour whole family can get in on the mobster madness because there are gangster-themed suits, ensembles, and costumes for everyone. Dad can wear a pair of suspenders while mom wears a coordinating pinstripe skirt!    

Brand: Opposuits

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Black & Gray

Material: Polyblend


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20s Gangster Suit for Kids

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